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More Truth.

When you are a kid they tell you to count the seconds between lightning and thunder and that will tell you how far away a storm is. That’s pretty damn accurate even as a grownup.
Get the clothes off the clothesline. Unplug the Tv for and for heavens sake don’t call anyone. Don’t you know people get killed talking on the phone during a storm? I read that once in Reader’s Digest.
When I was a kid the storms were far away and regular.
Regular storms.
You lost power during a bad snowstorm the year you finally got Atari. No Space Invaders courtesy of Santa that night. And snow is always better than ice. Everyone knows that.
Pay attention to the birds someone once told me.
They know when a storm is coming.
And that is an absolute truth. Everyone knows that.
Count the birds counting the miles because they know. They. Know.
The atmosphere is incorrect. 
The weathermen are compromised. 
The barometric pressure is bottom. 
You can still count the seconds between lightning and thunder on most days. 
Get away from that window my mother said. Don’t you know? I read that in Reader’s Digest once. 
You should be in the middle of the house. 
It’s safe in the middle. 
I read once that weather is a safe conversation topic. You can talk about it with anyone and they will talk to you back. 
It’s hot. It’s cold. It’s going to rain. I don’t understand this weather do you? 
Do you? 
My father had a rain gauge and my mother loved the forecast late at night.
Family measurements of accuracy and the future.
We got Reader’s Digest in the mail.
will tell you 
Truth is measurable. Just count the seconds.
Pretty damn accurate.
You can yell at the trees all you want. They won’t hear you. 

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