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It’s a tough note.
And a difficult avenue.
I’m not telling you what to do. Or to argue on behalf of my so called girlie simple-ness.
For one minute. 
one minute.
I believe in the greater good.
I have been on the outside and
Salty salaciousness
Objective sorrows
Look it up. Say it out loud.
Turn the page
It’s not funny or charming.
Not for
One minute. 
I can tell you I see what the small ones see.
Because they tell me. And they draw pictures which explain how the grownups have gone wrong. 
we’re doing it wrong.
It’s about you and me. Instead of you against me. 
I’m pretty good at you against me. 
Believe me.
I don’t have answers but I know what direction is wrong. And I can tell you all about It. 
In songs and in pictures.
I’m not sorry.
Not for one minute.
You know the good. Its there.
right in front of you.

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Listen here.

A few years ago I found a cassette tape in my father’s truck
Among maps and ballpoint pens, papers and gloves
The Smiths
The Queen is Dead
I’m sure it was
harvested from our high school leftovers that eventually became CD’s that should have become albums. But didn’t.
I don’t think we listened to it
Or if my father even knew what it was.
But I knew what it was.
Frankly Mr. Shankly There is a Light That Never Goes Out

I had an 8 track player.
The Panasonic Dynamite 8.
Questionable taste in music, 8 tracks.
the Bay City Rollers
the soundtrack from Star Wars was the best this 10 year old could do
actually pretty good when you think about it.

my mother loved Neil Diamond.
and still loves.
And lately bluegrass.
There was Cherry Cherry on her 8 track
and a John Denver record she played on the giant stereo.
The same one where we played her old Elvis Records
And danced around the living room
My sister and me.
On that old gold shag carpet.

On Saturdays we had top 40 songs from beginning to end.
1975 David Bowie was there.
I had no idea.
no idea.
Really no idea.


When I was 24
I jumped on stage and kissed Bob Dylan on the cheek
I thought life didn’t get any better than that
like a rocket.
By the music and the help of helping hands
toward that voice I loved so much.
bolero jacket
And when it was over
He told me to be good.
You be good now, you hear.
Bob Dylan said that
to me.
And I said