Posted in childhood, family, life


The tooth fairy left me a quarter.
For all kinds of teeth.
Large and small.
Under my pillow.
Mornings in different seasons.
She was busy.
Very busy.

The Easter Bunny did too.
In a pink egg I found near my driveway
When I was 7 or 6.
He was very fair
by my recollection
Because my brother and my sister also found quarters.
In plastic eggs of other colors.
Thanks to my father. Thanks to my mother.
And the sky was very blue.
by my recollection.

We lost teeth I’m sure in tandem
My brother, sister, and me.
My father would take his handkerchief and help these teeth along.
Close your eyes.
Dad has your tooth and it’s ok.
I promise.
Under your pillow now.
In the morning it will be someplace else.
And you will have the universe in twenty-five cents.
I promise.

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