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Just Maybe. 

I don’t mean maybe.
This phrase holds a close second in the list of my all time favorite Mom sayings ever.
It was used. It was used.
I remember when I was in about the 10th grade watching Gone With the Wind for the first time.
on tv.
When Atlanta was burning we had to go to sleep. My sister and me.
School night and all of that. Nonsense.
Who goes to sleep when Atlanta is burning?
I don’t mean maybe.
So we snuck into my brother’s off to college room
my sister and me
and watched it on his tiny black and white tv.
I don’t mean maybe.
Continued until Scarlett made a dress out of her curtains. And Rhett told her to fuck off.
Not exactly like that. But kind of.
I don’t mean maybe has stuck around
my whole life.
But I cannot be all or nothing.
I like gray and the middle of and chances.
Except in traffic.
Then I will flip you off in a second. Just like my teenage self.
My Scarlet O’Hara.
And I don’t mean maybe.

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