Posted in childhood, life

This is now.

I remember Jimmy Carter on the TV when I was just a kid
on the giant tv in our living room
with the gold shag carpet.
It was nothing I understood about politics
or political matters
but my parents liked Jimmy Carter.
I was a kid
so I liked him too.
Politics and government actions are amorphous.
Spooky and ever changing.
Not solid.
Not anything you really want to know.
Not anything you really need to know.
You can believe,
or not.
Its fire after fire
and money
and things you will never understand.
Thank goodness.
My mother and I are back in the same corner
After a few years of not.
We have secret conversations of
Can you believe?
and I just don’t understand…
Can’t you do something?
I will try.
I will try.
It’s what we do.

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