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Purple Reign

Last week I saw Purple Rain in the theater.
And I cried.
I told a friend of mine. I am mourning the loss of Prince.
Prince was present at my musical beginning. My very young me.
As a kid I never owned a Prince record. But I knew. I just did.
He was music as movies and all those images that jumped from your teenage brain on to the to t.v. Like an explosion.
He had a seat on my rocket ship.
I wanted to leave that small town and find the whatever it was. In the somewhere else. Out there.
Prince was always around. Smartly woven into the fabric of YOUR life. Right behind you. And me.
We always thought he would be. Showing up.
The remainder. The tower of cool.
and then some.
He was supposed to stay with us. Through it.
I am listening to 1999.

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