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Jesus, the Easter Bunny, and a Hula Hoop

Spring is green and blue and shiny and wonderful. When I turned 7 in 1975 I got a Bible and a hula hoop for my birthday. And I couldn’t have been happier.
My birthday has fallen on Easter twice in my life. When your birthday is on Easter you feel special. Golden and shiny and chosen. You have deviled eggs and a solid chocolate bunny instead of hollow. When I was a kid I didn’t understand why this didn’t happen every year. Who decides these things? And why not?
One Easter my grandparents came to visit and that was the year I swore to god in heaven I saw the Easter Bunny in our living room.
Back then when family came to visit you were systematically tossed out of your bedroom and made to sleep on a cot in another room. A cot. But when you’re a kid you can sleep anywhere. At least that’s what adults think.
Now if you’ve never seen the Easter Bunny in your living room I can testify it was an amazing sight. He was as tall as the ceiling. He was wearing a bow tie. And he scared me. He was fascinating.

My living room Easter Bunny was spooky in the same way the mall Easter Bunny is spooky. Santa’s not but the Easter Bunny is. Let’s face it.
We got Easter baskets for years after the bomb shell was dropped that the Easter Bunny (I did see him) and Santa Claus weren’t real. Or the tooth fairy.

Instead it was Mom and Dad. Being good at being mom and dad.

When I turned 7 the sky was blue. The same blue you get in an Easter Egg dye kit. It sparkled and it went on and on.
I got a hula hoop and a kid’s bible. And that was just fine with me. Jesus was on the cover holding a staff and a lamb with children smiling next to him. It was filled with nice pictures of nice people wearing robes and sandals and sitting in the green grass under green trees with loaves and fishes. In every picture the sky was blue. In my bible it didn’t rain. Except in that one story.
Regular grown up bibles scared me.  Like my Mom’s giant living room bible. It had soldiers and swords and people bleeding and crying and not wearing many clothes. It was fascinating.

When I turned 7 I spent the afternoon outside looking at the sky and trying to hula hoop but not very well.

I can’t remember but I probably thought Jesus and the Easter Bunny were friends and that was just fine with me. If they weren’t they should be.

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